Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bun In the Oven

The news has officially been spread. Grayson will be a big brother sometime around April 23. We are expecting a baby girl. Her name is all picked out, and we started with some shopping so she has some pink things to wear. Thus far we have had 4 ultrasounds and will be returning for one more that we know of. Baby girl did not wish to cooperate when we were having the 3D/4D ultrasound done so they are bringing us back to try again.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A 4 Month old 17lb boy

Grayson had has 4 month appointment on Wednesday. He was a very brave boy getting his needles and barley made a fuss at all. His weight this time was 17lbs! Hes growing so quickly! He also has a few bumps along his gums is donig some major chewing and drooling too, looks like teeth might be in our near future!

This past week Grayson got to welcome an adorable baby boy, he even bought him a stuffed teddy! It was so akward holding such a small (or so it seemed to me) baby after being used to holding Grayson! hes 11 lbs heavier!

He can now roll from front to back and vice verse, although he likes to spend is time in his bouncy chair, exosaucer (which I swore I would never use) or being held. He also likes to watch cartoons ( I also swore I would not let my child watch tv). Its funny how things change!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome baby Grayson!!!

On March 27th at 3:47 am baby Grayson made his debut appearance. after 35 hours of labour we are very happy to now have our little man here. The labour went well although it was much longer then I would have expected starting with my water breaking at 5:15 on Wednesday March 25th and ending withthe arrival of Grayson Quinn Robert Heighton on March 27th at 3:47 am. Both Daddy and cousin and close friend Becki were there to greet him when he arrived. It was an awesome experience and we are so happy to now be home with our little guy! its hard to believe he is 1 week old already!

Friday, March 20, 2009

40 weeks!

Its offical I am 40 weeks pregnant today!!! and its also the first day of Spring... now just waiting on baby to make his appearance! if he dose not arrive before Monday then I have an ultrasound and some monitoring to make sure fluuid levels etc are all good and from there an induction date will be arranged.. on the plus side no more visits to the dr office as a pregnant person!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ho w to lose 40 lbs instantly

Yes you read right... how to lose 40lbs instantly... well the answer to that is submurge yourself in a pool!!! the only downfall is when you come out you feel like you gained back 80lbs.... I spent the better part of an hour in the pool sitting on a pool noodle and jsut relaxing and moving around it felt like heaven however i don't float so well.... guess there must still be some type of center of gravity effect that happens in the pool... i don't have much of a science brain but i just know i normally float really well but not so much today! It was fun to be in the pool and have some company too hopefully baby boy will be as good in the pool as his little cousins where!!

This and That

8 more days till our estimated due date...will baby be early, on time or late... your guess is as good as mine... will just have to wait and see i guess.... either way it shouldn't be to much longer. I have offically been off work since March 6th now... getting kinda boared around the house.... going swimming today!! looking forward to that althrough being this pregnant isn't so appealing in swim wear... thankfully its an adult/tot swim so they will understand...

Babys room is all together now just about heres my most recent addition its a change table my dad built for me... my requested shower gift! and I love it even through he had his doubts if i would, but i think its perfect!

We are also looking at a new apartment hopefully next week a 3 bdrm which will ne needed for wheni retun to work in 51 weeks... its a realyl good price plus its the same people we rent from now who we like they allow pets and its ina kid friendly area, i am sure moving with a new born will not be so much fun but thankfully the new place is literally in my current back yard so we don't have far to go, hopefully we will find out more soon!

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Offical Day Of Mat Leave

To day was my first offical day of maternity leave. I spent the morning cleaning out baby boys room. All my work stuff has been returned and the desk found its way to the dumpster... the boarder has been taped to the wall.... thank goodness for double sided tape other wise the boarder would have spent more time on the floor then on the wall. I also had my 38 week appt today with a new Dr. shes just a general family dr but comes in to the office to assit some days. everything was fine blood pressue was good and my group b swab came back negative!!! that means no routine IV for me which the ob seemed convinced that everyone needs to have an IV the minute they go in to the door.... so now its jsut a matter of waiting for baby boy to come and doing a few thigns aroudn the house including relaxing!!